Viettown Hoi An and New Year

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Lunar New Year in Hoi An and Vietnam.

Vietnamese Lunar New Year - The biggest festival of the year, taking place in spring, the time to end a cycle of four seasons: Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter to enter a new cycle, a new beginning, always necessary. set. contains so many wishes.

Lunar New Year in Hoi An and Vietnam

Viettown Hoi An and New Year, Where to eat and drink in Hoi An? Viet Town Restaurant, the top 10 best restaurant in Hoi An, will always serve you even on Tet holidays

Tet is the beginning, the origin. Tet, new year, month, season, new production cycle. Tet is also the biggest and most important holiday of the year for Vietnamese people and everyone gives the best things for Tet.


Returning to Lunar New Year is also returning to the beginning. That is the biggest meaning of Tet, which every spring brings Vietnamese people back to their roots.

Viettown Hoi An and New Year

Where to learn to make lanterns in Hoi An? Viettown Restaurant is the top place for teaching lanterns with large space and very professional teachers

Experience the Vietnamese Lunar New Year to have the most special atmosphere of the first day of the year. The unique features of the first days of the year will probably be very interesting in all parts of Vietnam. Because Vietnamese people will welcome the new year with joy and hope for the best in the coming days. With a unique lifestyle and culture that is perhaps most strongly expressed in prominent locations such as Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon city... Tet days will be most clearly expressed with flowers. lights, colors, tourists and food...

Viettown Hoi An and New Year 2024

Check-in to Viettown Hoi An restaurant, you can fully experience those interesting things thanks to the ancient restaurant space located right in Hoi An Ancient Town and Chua Cau, cuisine and lanterns.


During Tet, the restaurant is still open to serve customers with its outstanding forte which is Asian and European dishes, teaching cooking classes, lantern making classes always serve the best with cheerful, friendly waiters and enthusiastic.


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