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Viettown Restaurant

Ideally located at one of the main gates to the center of Hoi An Ancient Town, our Viettown Restaurant is a miniature of Hoi An Ancient Town with houses designed in the style of the originals that have been preserved over hundreds of years.


Coming to Viettown Restaurant, you will have a chance to contemplate the antique beauty of the weathered Yin-Yang roofs from our upstairs dining rooms as well as to visit the recognized historical relic of “Thông Đăng” Jail built up during French occupation and the first years of Vietnam War. You may also like to visit the nearby Ancient “Ngũ Hành” Temple (“Five Element” Temple).


Series of our additional services specialized as:

  • Traditional handicraft village 
  • Colorful silk shop 
  • Attractive souvenir shop 
  • Reliable personal tailoring and custom shop 
  • Impressive art gallery 

Dining at our restaurant, you will have unforgettable experience in Hoi An.Your pleasure is our happiness.

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Nhà Hàng Viettown

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Nhà hàng 500 chỗ ngồi của chúng tôi với bãi đậu xe rộng rãi, an toàn và những khu vườn xinh đẹp sẽ cung cấp các món ăn Việt Nam ngon nhất và các món ăn Á - Âu khác.

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Nhà Hàng Viettown

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