Black sesame sweet soup - An unforgettable culinary taste in Hội An

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Black sesame sweet soup - An unforgettable culinary taste in Hội An As a simple and refreshing dish, the burden of black sesame sweet soup, which has been handed down for two generations, has become a stopover for many locals and tourists to Hội An.

Mrs. Thị married couple's burden of black sesame sweet soup is located on Nguyễn Trường Tộ street. Just a few years ago, the image of Mr. Ngô Thiếu carrying a burden of hot black sesame sweet soup every morning was ingrained in the people's minds here.

When he was over 100 years old and his health was failing, he retired and passed on “the traditional secret of cooking black sesame sweet soup” to his daughter and son-in-law.

Not only is the burden of black sesame sweet soup delicious and famous, but the vendor also emanates the essence of the inhabitants of the ancient town. Mrs. Thị just scooped sweet soup and enthusiastically showed her customers places in Hội An that serve delicious food.

Every morning, she and her husband must get up quite early to prepare a delicious pot of sweet soup. The ingredients to make the dish revealed by Mrs. Thị are black sesame, tapioca, sweet potato powder, gotu kola juice and sugar. Black sesame is soaked and pureed before being cooked with other ingredients to make the fleshy, fatty and sweet flavor.

This 70-year-old black sesame sweet soup has been a favorite of many generations of Hội An residents. Many elderly people come here to enjoy it every day. 

Mr. Tần (60 years old, Minh An ward), a patron of Mrs. Thị, comes here every day because he loves the “traditional flavor” of black sesame sweet soup. Patrons enjoy sitting beside the steaming pot of sweet soup, watching the flow of people pass by, enjoying sweet soup, and conversing about Hội An and tourists. The culture of the ancient town's people is elegant and simple!

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Waking up in Hội An, eating a bowl of sweet soup under the cool green Terminalia Catappa tree, watching the Terminalia Catappa flowers fall, and chatting about ancient town travel stories are all enjoyable experiences.

No matter how much Hội An has changed over the years, the taste of the black sesame sweet soup pot has remained in the memory of many Hội An residents, since the day it was carried on the shoulders of Mr. Ngô Thiếu through the alleys.


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